Hi! My name is Evia

Welcome to my designer silver jewelry collection.

The designs are inspired by the unique landscape and rich history of the Holy land:
The lush green hills of the Galilee, blue Sea of Galilee dotted by sites important to Christianity, The blue Turquoise Mediterranean, The hills and plains of Judea and the mystical beauty of Jerusalem.

Recent global events served as A driving force for me to adopt changes and respond to the new reality which is enveloping us. In recent years I had the pleasure and privilege to guide tourists in the Holy land.I Hosted guests from all walks of life and from different religions: Christians, Jews, Muslims and more.

When the Horrific events of October 2023 happened resulting in A sustained military operation in the Gaza strip struck and the tourists couldn’t come it all came to A screeching stop yet I still felt I want to continue delivering messages I believe in. Messages resonating across the land since ancient times.
Messages from the old testament repeated with enhanced importance by Yehushua of Nazareth as told in the new testament. I decided the best way for me to communicate the message is with my old tool box which I still love: Jewelry design.

Jewelry is material but with it I want to relay the spiritual message as I understand it and as it is repeated in the Bible: Love! Love the other as you Love yourself! Compassion to others, Grace toward everything around us, be it God’s creations or Men & women of other beliefs or religions.

It is my sincere hope that this will be my humble contribution to the spread of Tolerance, Love & compassion for we are all destined to share this world together and it is our responsibility to pass A healthy, thriving, tolerant world to the next generations to come.

All pieces are designed and made in Israel with love and hold a spiritual message of love and peace.

May God bless and protect you!

Silver Heart necklace

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